About Hucopix

It all started a few years ago…

Elodie Burrillon, originally from France, arrived in the Netherlands as a PhD student at Utrecht University. In addition to her academic pursuits, she had also been an amateur photographer for more than 15 years. One day she decided to put her dream into action: Combining these two interests by photographing the academic world.

Since then, she founded Hucopix which stands for HUman COmpany PICtureS. While Elodie initially focused on academic institutes, the mission of Hucopix has evolved to create sincere pictures for not only academia, but also for innovative environments.

Elodie’s experience spans across different institutional and geographical environments, including companies, scientific institutes and government bodies.

While the company is based in Leiden, we take portraits and cover conferences and ceremonies anywhere in the Netherlands, Belgium and France.

We believe that academic and corporate environments don’t have to be dreary – Our objective is to portray their spirit and vitality through honest and thoughtful imagery.