Your PhD Defence: What we deliver

Preparation, before

Your photographer will accompany you before you defend your PhD, capturing the anticipation and excitement. Elodie often recieves feedback from PhD candidates that her presence helped them to feel more relaxed before the presentation. Just think, while you are busy having fun with your paranymphs and your photographer, you are more likely to forget your nerves!

Professionalism, during.

We are aware of the different rules for each university regarding photography during the PhD defence (some universities don’t allow photographers during the defence) . Your photographer will always comply with these rules during your PhD photoshoot. She will be discrete and respect the significance of the occasion. She takes photographs of you, your jury and the crowd that gathered for you.

Relief, after.

After your PhD defence, your relief and excitement will be immortalized through our pictures. Your photographer will take group photographs of you and your jury, and capture the raw emotion of you and your loved ones.

We can also attend your party on the evening of your defence. Please drop us a line at the link below and we will be in touch with you shortly.