3 thoughts on “Meet Qingyi.”

  1. This set of photos encapsulate Qingyi in so many ways. As all the best photographers are, you were “invisible” clicking away discretely from every angle whilst making sure the whole day will be”visible”for years to come. I treasured that day, as I treasure Qingyi. Your photographs are super……..Just perfect. You are an excellent photographer because you are people centred too. My favourite is the first cover close up of Qing! Wow!

  2. Marije & Renaat

    Amaaaazing Qing. You achieved your end goal!!! Congratulations on finishing Your PHD!!!

    Surely celebrating this achievement without festivities simply is impossible. Your hard work has paid off. You will and still should be surrounded by cheerfulness; that’s what you deserve, BIG time.

    Unfortunately we could not attend, however this Photogallery displays the happiness that was spread. The pictures show a truly happy you, proud husband, family and close friends that around you.
    It is unmistakably that people and interaction are the ingredients to some brilliant people photography, but we have to say; these pictures are truly magnificent and done in such a professional way. High quality, marvellous attention to details, catchy colours and phenomenal and artful finishing. A big compliment to Elodie.

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