8 thoughts on “Clifford, Doctor of Wageningen University.”

  1. Congratulations to Dr. Chuwah Darah Clifford.
    Great shots, Elodie! I wonder why all the pictures are in black and white. I thought a few of those great shots in colour would be excellent!?

  2. Awungnjia TETCOUNKWI

    Chuwah, you make me proud. I remember our high school days and now i stand in awe to see how far your hard work has taken you. Congrats dear friend. Well deserve.

  3. wow, its a great achievement.I saw mum in tears in a pic she send me with your PhD award in her hands, then I imagined it must be her heart bursting out of joy and pride coz u all feel the same way .congrats Bro and kudos

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