About Hucopix

The photographer

My name is Elodie Burrillon, and I am the photographer behind the Hucopix brand.

My story

Originally from France, I arrived in the Netherlands 10 years ago as a climate scientist. In addition to my academic pursuits, I had also been an amateur photographer for more than 15 years. One day I decided to put my dream into action: Combining these two interests by photographing the academic world.

HUman COmpany PICtureS

Since then, I founded Hucopix which stands for HUman COmpany PICtureS. While I initially focused on academic institutes, my mission has evolved to create sincere pictures for not only academia, but also for corporate environments, and in particular during conferences and summits. While I am based in Leiden, I cover professional events anywhere in the Netherlands.

I believe that corporate environments don’t have to be dreary – My objective is to portray their spirit and vitality through honest and thoughtful imagery.

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