Is everything included in your pricing?

Yes, everything. From travel fees to editing, you won’t have any bad surprises.

We will agree on the pricing beforehand, and unless you wish to modify the amount of coverage on the day of the event, I will charge you with this exact pricing and no additional fee whatsoever.

Do you do some retouching on the images?

Yes, I edit them in order to create the most beautiful images of your event.

Can you add our logo on the images ?

Sure. If you need them, I will deliver for free two versions of each image: with and without your logo.

Can you deliver the pictures both in high and low resolutions?

Sure. I always deliver both versions of each image.

What pictures exactly do you deliver ?

For each event, I offer images of

– Speakers, participants

– Logos, banners, partnerstands, exhibitors

– General overview of the location (the event area, hall, outside, etc.)

– Food and drinks, information hand over (badges, booklets, goody bags, etc.)

– Other activities and shows

– Group pictures

Should you want any other specific photographs, I’ll also add them on my list.

How many pictures will you send us?

There is no fixed limit. I will take all the pictures that you want me to take, and send you all the good ones. For information, on one full day of event the number of images I usually deliver is comprised between 100 and 300. On half a day, this number is comprised between 50 and 150.

When and how will we receive the pictures?

I will send you a link to download all the images via WeTransfer, within 2 days after the end of your event.

Can you deliver some images earlier ?

Sure. Depending on the schedule of your event, I can find some moments to edit a few images and send them to you each day, either during the day or on each day’s evening.

Can we hire two photographers?

Yes. I have partnerships with several other professional event photographers, which enables me to easily adjust to your needs. I then stay your only contact person and I also edit all the pictures myself in order to keep a consistent look on your full album.

What is your copyright policy?

All the pictures I create are under the CC0 Copyright license, which means that you may use all the pictures as many times as you want and that you are not obliged to mention my name when using them.

Do we need to prepare a briefing for you?

I am happy to read any requirements that you may want. That being said, please note that after you have booked me, I will send you a form for you to fill in order to prepare for your event and better understand your needs.

When and how will we pay you ?

I will ask you payment only after I have delivered the images to you, and payment is to be done via bank transfer.

How long in advance can we book you ?

You may book me as soon as you want – and of course the sooner you book me, the higher the chance that I’m still available on the day(s) of your event.

How can we book you ?

Send me first the date(s) of your event in order to check if I’m still available these days. If that’s the case then I’ll prepare a quotation with the appropriate amount of coverage that you wish, following this pricing (https://hucopix.com/pricing/). After you accept this quote I will then book my day(s) for your event, and send you a form in order to better prepare for your event and understand your needs.

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